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The Indian Forester is a Fountain of Information and learning which nourishes and enlightens the entire community's of foresters and scientists on scientific forestry and allied disciplines in the country. During its career of 140 years, it has taken an honorable place as one of the world's pioneers in Scientific Forestry. It is the oldest journal on tropical forestry and has been very closely associated with the science of forestry with distinction for the country. The issues of 140 years (Vol.1 to 140) have published thousands articles on all aspects of scientific forestry.


Volume 142, Issue 4, April 2016

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Table of Contents


What should be the Rotation Age and Harvest Management in Teak
Kaushalendra Kumar Jha 309-316
Total views: 128
Observations on the Flora of Dampa Tiger Reserve in Bio-Resource and Park Management Perspectives
K. Haridasan, N. S. Bisht, Martin Paul, Geetha Suresh 317-323
Total views: 81
Diversity of Vegetation in the Tail End of Eastern Ghats, Tiruchirappalli Forest Division, Tamil Nadu, India
A. Kumaraguru, T. Brinda, N. Satheesh 324-335
Total views: 83
Socio-Economic Profile of Lac Growers in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh State
Rohit Dwivedi, K. K. Shrivastava, Govind Pal 336-338
Total views: 64
Profitability Analysis of Areca Nut Orchard in Meghalaya
D. Remdor, Ram Singh, S. M. Feroze, R. J. Singh, Monika Aheibam 339-345
Total views: 69
TMIS:A Decision Support System for Monitoring and Forecasting Prices of Timber Logs
M. Sivaram, S. Sandeep, S. Jinesh, K. S. Sujith, G. Rini 346-354
Total views: 59
Quantifying the Extent of Unsustainable Harvest of Fuelwood, Fodder and Non-Timber Forest Produce:Major Driver of forest Degradation in the Dry Deciduous Forest of Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh
P. Kohli, J. V. Sharma 355-363
Total views: 69
Quality Evalaution of Toona ciliata M. Roem Seeds
Thounaojam Bidya Chanu, Manisha Thapliyal 364-366
Total views: 57
Vegetative Propagation of Maggar Bans (Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Munro):Effects of Planting Time, Spacing and Phophorus Application on Macro-Proliferation Behaviour under Open Nursery Bed
Suveena Thakur, D. R. Bhardwaj, R. Kaushal 367-373
Total views: 72
Temporal Stability Analysis of Resin Yield of Natural Regenerated Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghii Sargent) in Himachal Pradesh
Bharti, R. K. Gupta, P. K. Mahajan, K. R. Sharma 374-378
Total views: 47
Income-Health Expenses and Use of Medicinal Plants by Tribal Communities in Panch Mahal District of Gujarat
R. S. Jat, Ruchi Bansal, J. K. Jadav, Raj Kumar 379-383
Total views: 45
Gregarious Flowering of Strobilanthes tomentosa (Nees) J.R.I Wood in North East India from Meghalaya
H. B. Naithani, P. Kharbuli 384-389
Total views: 59
Standardization of Seed Storage Conditions for Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) G. Don
P. A. Sofi, A. R. Malik, J. S. Butola, G. M. Bhat, C. S. Dhanai 390-393
Total views: 59
Studies on Seed Borer, Plodia interpunctella Hubner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) Infesting Seeds of Chilgoza Pine (Pinus gerardiana Wall.)
Pawan Kumar 394-399
Total views: 67

Research Notes

A Note on Albinism in Madhuca latifolia J.F. Gmel
S. B. Chavan, A. Keerthika, Ankur Jha, A. K. Handa, Ram Newaj, S. K. Dhyani 400-402
Total views: 46
Haplophyllum tuberculatum (Forssk.) A. Juss. (Rutaceae):A New Record for India
P. K. Patel 403-404
Total views: 41

Forest Notes And Observations

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

Indian Turpentine and Resin Industry
Total views: 34



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