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The Indian Forester is a Fountain of Information and learning which nourishes and enlightens the entire community's of foresters and scientists on scientific forestry and allied disciplines in the country. During its career of 140 years, it has taken an honorable place as one of the world's pioneers in Scientific Forestry. It is the oldest journal on tropical forestry and has been very closely associated with the science of forestry with distinction for the country. The issues of 140 years (Vol.1 to 140) have published thousands articles on all aspects of scientific forestry.


Volume 142, Issue 5, May 2016

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Perception of Stakeholders on Forest Governance under JFM:A Case Study from Odisha
B. K. P. Sinha, Minaketan Behera 409-414
Total views: 59
Structure of Herbaceous Vegetation of Recovering Forest Stands in Koraput Region of Odisha, India
Abhay K. Pathak, Malaya K. Misra 415-426
Total views: 37
Forest Cover Change Detection in Andaman and Nicobar Islands Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
L. K. Tiwari, S. K. Sinha, S. Saran 427-436
Total views: 79
Economic Losses Due to Forest Fire as a Climate Change Incidences in Sidhababa Community Forest of Bara District, Nepal
Shiv Kumar Manjan, Yusuf Ansari 437-444
Total views: 36
Tree Insurance-An Innovative Intervention in Industrial Agroforestry
K. T. Parthiban 445-450
Total views: 32
Evaluation of Clonal Divergence in Dalbergia Sissoo Roxb. for Developing Production Populations
Shivani Dobhal, Ashok Kumar, S. Ravichandran 451-458
Total views: 29
Recent Advances in Understanding the Role of Growth Regulators in Plant Growth and Development in Vitro-I. Conventional Growth Regulators
Suresh Kumar, Rohtas Singh, Sanjay Kalia, S. K. Sharma, Andrajwant K. Kalia 459-470
Total views: 50
Status of Mangrove Wetlands of Nellore and Prakasam Districts, Andhra Pradesh, India
N. S. R. Krishna Rao 471-480
Total views: 89
Growth and Yield Attributes of Wheat and Paddy Intercropped under Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. Based Agri-Silvicultural System on Partially Improved Salt Affected Soil in Faizabad District
O. P. Rao, Chhavi Sirohi, S. K. Verma 481-486
Total views: 36
Current Status of Poplar Based Agroforestry for Economic Development:A Case Study of Haridwar and Yamunanagar Districts
Rambir Singh, Charan Singh, Ajay Gulati, Sandeep Kujur 487-492
Total views: 49
Assemblages of Macrobenthic Insect Larvae of the Sankosh River Basin in the Areas Boardering India and Bhutan
Anish V. Pachu, C. Kunhikannan, V. Mohan, Sudhir Kumar, N. Rama Rao 493-501
Total views: 61
Relationship of Edaphic Factors on the Pathogenicity of Root Rot of Bael Caused by Fusarium solani
M. Singh, Sushil Sharma, Rakesh Kumar 502-506
Total views: 37

Research Notes

Forest Notes And Observations

Views And Expressions

Forests under Paris Climate Agreement
V. R. S. Rawat, T. P. Singh 513-514
Total views: 25

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