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The Indian Forester is a Fountain of Information and learning which nourishes and enlightens the entire community's of foresters and scientists on scientific forestry and allied disciplines in the country. During its career of 140 years, it has taken an honorable place as one of the world's pioneers in Scientific Forestry. It is the oldest journal on tropical forestry and has been very closely associated with the science of forestry with distinction for the country. The issues of 140 years (Vol.1 to 140) have published thousands articles on all aspects of scientific forestry.


Volume 142, Issue 6, June 2016

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Table of Contents


Defining Forest for Conservation and Socio-Economic Development of India
S. P. Vasudeva 517-523
Total views: 50
Recent Advances in Understanding the Role of Growth Regulators in Plant Growth and Development in Vitro - II. Non-Conventional Growth Regulators
Rajwant K. Kalia, Rohtas Singh, Sanjay Kalia, S. K. Sharma, suresh Kumar 524-535
Total views: 77
Case Study from Israel-Augmenting Bee Flora to Sustain Honey Production
Madhav Gogate 536-541
Total views: 57
Nursery Management Information System:An Efficient Tool for Nursery Management
P. Ratha Krishnan, Kirtesh Dudawat 542-546
Total views: 30
Drought Induced Morphological and Biochemical Responses in Casuarina equisetifolia Clones
Rekha R. Warrier, M. Bala Iyeswarya, M. Marians Paul 547-557
Total views: 49
Genetic Fidelity Testing in Micropropagated Plantlets of Albizia procera (Roxb.) Using Rapd and Issr Markers
Naseer Mohammad, Vivek Vaishnaw, Jayprakash Mishra, Shashank Mahesh, Pramod Kumar, Shamim Akhtar Ansari 558-562
Total views: 41
Biomass Accumulation and Carbon Storage in Six-Year-Old Citrus reticulata Blanco.Plantation
Lal Chand Mehta, Jitendra Singh, P. S. Chauhan, Bhim Singh, R. K. Manhas 563-568
Total views: 36
Identification of best Fit Models for Fuelwood Consumption in Foothills of Western Himalayas
Tahir Mushtaq, Mir Awsaf Ahmad, Rakesh Banyal 569-573
Total views: 26
Comparative Study of Fuelwood Consumption by Semi-Nomadic Pastoral Community and Adjacent Villagers around Corbett Tiger Reserve, India
Aatif Hussain, A. K. Negi, Rahul Kumar Singh, Showket Aziem, Kaiser Iqbal, Nazir A. Pala 574-581
Total views: 43
The Effect of Forest Management on Stand Structure and Tree Diversity in the Sal (Shorea robusta) Forest of Nepal
S. Ranabhat, L. Fehrman, R. Malla 582-589
Total views: 40
Current Status of the Genus Bryum Hedw.In Central India
Pooja Bansal, Virendra Nath 590-594
Total views: 46
Traditional Edible Bamboo Products and their Impact on Livelihood of Tribal Village Community of Wokha District, Nagaland
Nzilo Kithan, Sandhya Goswami, Sas Biswas 595-600
Total views: 48
Pest Status of Gall Making Insect, Leptocybe invasa Fisher & Lasalle, in Nurseries and Plantations of Eucalyptus in Madhya Pradesh
N. Roychoudhury, Subhash Chandra, Ram Bhajan Singh 601-606
Total views: 37
Ethnomedicinal Uses of Medicinal Plants Used by Tribes of Valparai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Kothandapani Chanthru, Rajkumar Gomathi, Sellamuthu Manian 607-612
Total views: 35

Research Notes

Smithia setulosa Dalzell (Fabaceae)-A New Record for Central India
Arjun Prasad Tiwari, A. N. Shukla 613-614
Total views: 28
Flavobathelium epiphyllum:A New Addition to the Foliicolous Lichen Flora of India
Shravan Kumar Subramanya, Y. L. Krishnamurthy 615-616
Total views: 17

Short Note

Storage Practice of Saraca asoca Seeds
T. M. Prajith, C. Anilkumar 617-618
Total views: 33

Forest Notes And Observations

From The Indian Forester- One Hundred Years Ago

A Method of Marking in Enumerations
F. Canning 623-623
Total views: 25
System of Sale of Standing Trees in Kanara Forests, Bombay Presidency
E. M. Hodgson 623-623
Total views: 18



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